• Music of the Day #593

    Pretty bat ponies present: Music of the day! Now that bat mares are canon, I have a feeling they will present a lot more than usual. Yep.

    Get them below!

    [1] Source

    [Song] Our First Flight - Red Hadron by Red Hadron

    [2] Source

    JTheory - Afraid to Get Dirty!? by JTheory OFFICIAL

    [3] Source

    Daniel Ingram - In Our Town (Ixezu Remix) by IxezuOfficial

    [4] Source

    [REDUX] The Magic Inside (PhonicBoom Remix) by Phonic Boom

    [5] Source

    Totalspark - Aurora Borealis by OfficialTotalspark


    [7] Source

    (Orchestral) Comet Glider - Journey by Comet Glider

    [8] Source

    Battle of the Bands (Remix) by Encore


    [9] Source

    [Mlp Cover] Equestria, The Land I Love Cover! by ~Silver Swirls~

    [10] Source

    im just a pony 8 bit version by IPONE the dj brony