• Music of the Day #580

    In this post: Trixie creates life.

    Below the break, get some music while she does that.

    [1] Source

    The Organ to the Outside by Alexey Kotlyar


    [2] Source

    Light Of Your Cutiemark 8-bit by DJDarkness

    [3] Source

    Wind Wolf | Discontinuity by Wind Wolf

    Light Rock + Electronic

    [4] Source

    fractilx - Marble and a Macintosh by Dreamland200S

    [5] Source

    I'll Fly (NeoN & Loko Remix) by Dj NeoN Music

    [6] Source

    Ponysphere - On the hunt by Ponysphere


    [7] Source

    Crystal Slave - Omniphobia by Crystal Slave (ReuelBrony)