• High Magic Theme Deck - Chaos Truly is Magical

    There are just ten short days left until High Magic Prerelease hits, the same day as the street date for the new theme decks! Just in case you're new to MLP: CCG: theme decks come with a playable deck you can learn the game with and play casually, plus some exclusive cards you can't find anywhere else. They're a great starting point, and then you pick up some booster packs to edit your deck or make all new ones.

    Today we'll look at one of the theme decks in High Magic. Let's leave The Great and Powerful Trixie until next week and instead focus on Discord's new theme deck, Chaos is Magic. Head below the break to see each of the exclusive cards inside, plus insight on how the deck plays and even more card spoilers!

    The exclusive Mane Character card you'll find in Chaos is Magic is the master of chaos himself, of course: Discord! Since his deck has a strong focus on confronting Problems and winning faceoffs, his card forces opponents to pay an extra action token each time they play a Troublemaker, which can be a big hindrance in the early game and really add up by the late game.

    And here are the two exclusive Friend cards!

    Fluttershy, Conflict Resolver is efficient at just 1 action token for 2 power, making her useful even if you don't utilize her game text. Her ability sweetens the pot by letting you pay an action token to prevent both players from flipping a card during faceoffs. That means if you go into a faceoff with more power than your opponent, you can take faceoff flips out of the equation and leave it down to the raw power on the board... plus any fancy tricks you or your opponent might have up your sleeves, of course!

    Rainbow Dash, Back in Black takes advantage of the confronting power of this deck by rewarding you for beating your opponent by large margins. If you pull off a major victory at a Problem faceoff you can then send Rainbow Dash off for a victory lap, retiring her to your discard pile for an instant point toward winning the game. And if you have two or three in play, that's two or three extra points in one turn! This can lead to some huge point swings.

    This theme deck also comes with copies of Filthy Rich, Cold Hard Cash, and he goes really well with Rainbow Dash above. Let's say you're about to have a double Problem faceoff and you're going to beat your opponent by 2 power. Since Filthy Rich is Hasty, you can play him during the faceoff, and suddenly he's there helping out. Now you're winning by 5 power, which lets you retire Dash for points, and since Filthy Rich is Diligent he gets a permanent +1 power counter when you win the faceoff! Getting a nice 4 power Filthy Rich you can move around on future turns really takes the sting out of retiring Rainbow Dash for points.

    To confront Problems and win faceoffs you'll need plenty of power on the board, and this deck is packed with power in the form of adorable Yellow and Blue Critters. Fast Food is a Resource that makes each of those Critters have +1 power, and since Fast Food is a Resource it stays in play through the rest of the game. You can even play more than one, buffing each of your Critters by another +1 for each Fast Food you have in play!

    This goes amazingly well with Rise and Shine, especially since it's an Immediate Event. With just one Fast Food in play, Rise and Shine costs just 1 action token to put two Critter Friend Tokens into play that each have 2 power, and you can put them both at the same Problem or split them between. Since Rise and Shine is Immediate, you can play it during any phase of the game, on your turn or the opponent's, leading to some really nasty surprises.

    A quick primer on the new Friend Tokens: Friend Tokens aren't cards you put in you're deck, they're created by other cards, like Rise and Shine above. You use objects on the table to represent them, like the Token Friend cards inside of theme decks, however you can use dice, counters, or whatever you'd like. There's an article coming later this week that will talk more about Token Friends, so don't worry if you feel like you're still in the dark!

    Until then - stay tuned, and be sure to ask your local store if they've signed up for the High Magic Prerelease Events coming on the weekend of November 13. If not, send them to this form and this store page ASAP!