• The Nightmare Moon Comic from the Official MLP Magazine is Once Again, Ridiculous.

    Yep, that's totally dracula Dash, lion Pinkie Pie, and whatever Rarity is with striped socks. I love striped socks. You all probably know that by now don't you?

    The Nightmare Moon issue of the official My Little Pony comic that released in Europe recently has some pretty interesting art and ideas buried within. If you have followed these in the past, you probably know how ridiculous they can be.

    Anyway, head on down below to check it out!

    Images and translation from Commander BB Shockwave:

    Rarity has to come up with Haloween-themed costumes. You can see the Starswirl the Bearded costume from the actual episode, but for clip-art Luna (seriously they are still using these same poses!) she... created a Nightmare moon costume. That's... rather insensitive. And the best Luna can say is "Incredible! But true... ways back then I used to be an evil witch." Way to go Rarity.... sure the best way she can mingle with ponies is if you remind her to dress as the evil spirit she has been for the past thousand years.

    They finally are using some other characters like Mrs Cake, Twist, even Lyra. Sadly the costumes are all the same, terribly cheaply photoshopped "gowns". 

    Luna is afraid to don the costume as she fears to scare people, but they talk her into it. And... you'll notice, same issue as on the cover - instead of an unicorn horn, Nightmare Moon (costume and the real deal) has a moon on her head where the horn would be. weiiiiird.

    Included figure: