• Amazon Underground MLP Game Gets a Patch

    The My Little Pony game for Amazon Underground has received it's first patch! Unfortunately, there don't appear to be any actual notes on what it fixed or added, but we have a rough idea thanks to one of our submitters:

    Aesthetic Changes:
    • Icon changed to Fluttershy
    • Loading screen changed to the spoileriffic cutie castle interior

    Bug Fixes:
    • Fixes the glitch where Flim is unavailable after winning him in the minecart game
    • Allows players to receive hearts again!

    • As far as I can tell, no new ponies, buildings, or items have been added. If any have, then they're not visible in the shop.

    Thanks to Robert for those! Hearts are definitely being distributed now. Get to sharing those friend codes to share the love!

    (You can snag mine over here: 9bc6)