• Drawfriend Stuff #1652 - Go Away Derpy!

    I just realized, I headered yesterday's Drawfriend with Derpy with a 50% chance at it exploding. That was a terrible plan. Lets go with Donut Joe today. He's a successful business owner with a stable supply of donuts for the residence of Canterlot. What could go wrong?

    Apparently he was already a header. WE BAT NOW.

    Seriously though, I think the bandwidth issue might be fixed for now. Fingers crossed. Like yesterday, let me know if it breaks so I can swoop in and fix it.

    Now go get your art below!

    [1] Source

    Is it Nightmare Night, yet? by Silent-Shadow-Wolf

    [2] Source

    Someone to stand beside you by Baron-Engel

    [3] Source

    Lost Cosmonaut by PedroHander

    [4] Source

    Autumn portrait by DrAltruist

    [5] Source

    Rainbow Dash by CerebralVapor

    [6] Source

    Fluttershy's Lament by ELZZombie

    [7] Source

    POPSY by Behind-Space

    [8] Source

    EquestriaLA - Evening With Discord by Hollulu

    [9] Source

    twipi by PuffPink

    [10] Source

    Sunny by SilberSternenlicht

    [11] Source

    A Single Ponk by J151

    [12] Source

    Appledog by Alasou

    [13] Source

    Fluttershy by MrPotat0wned

    [14] Source

    Vinyl by CaptainPudgeMuffin

    [15] Source

    Hearts as Strong as Horses by IBSN

    [16] Source

    Apple by mrs1989

    [17] Source

    How many times have we been here? by sharpieboss

    [18] Source

    The Royal Sisters by RockingScorpion

    [19] Source

    Storm and Light by Neoncel

    [20] Source

    Twilight Sparkle by KittehKatBar

    [21] Source

    Apples by zapsnapples

    [22] Source

    Thunderlane by Lattynskit

    [23] Source

    Romantic in the Everfree Forest by vanille913

    [24] Source

    Patreon Weekly - Donut Joe by sophiecabra

    [25] Source

    Late for School by AskBubbleLee

    [26] Source

    Moonshine by GSphere

    [27] Source

    Octavia Attempt by GSphere

    [28] Source

    COMMISSION for AstroNoctis17 by Ruhisu

    [29] Source

    Big Mac - The Sentry Lv 3 by VZenon

    [30] Source

    mlp fanart Gilda by BloodyPink-M

    [31] Source

    Rainbow Dash 20% cooler [with SpeedPaint] by Wilvarin-Liadon

    [32] Source

    Queen Chrysalis REDRAW [with SPEEDPAINT] by Wilvarin-Liadon

    [33] Source

    Rainbow Miss Tank: i'll whait for you by BloodyPink-M

    [34] Source

    ASK FLUFFLE PUFF:Love ya! [ALREADYwith SPEEDPAINT] by Wilvarin-Liadon

    [35] Source

    Gaige - pony edition by iMoshie

    [36] Source

    Discord by Urnam-BOT

    [37] Source

    by leekfish

    [38] Source

    Com-11 by SilberSternenlicht

    [39] Source

    Luna + Vampire by uotapo

    [40] Source

    Vampire Dazzlings by uotapo