• BUCK 2016 Masterpost!

    This bit of information got a bit lost in one of our convention compilation posts at a time when a lot of interested parties would have probably missed it. So here it is again in its full glory: a master post for BUCK 2016!

    Check out all there is to learn about BUCK and this year's event after the break!


    We’re here today to tell you all the details we’ve been releasing over the summer!
    BUCK is Europe’s biggest brony convention. Founded in 2012, we’ve run three large-scale events in Manchester featuring live music, panels and workshops focused on the fandom’s creativity.

    Last year was our biggest event yet, featuring talks and workshops from Dave Polsky, G. M. Berrow, Heather Breckel, and a host of other fandom creatives sharing their art with the world. We smashed our academy record at the Charity Auction, and we hosted another all-star line up at the cosplay competition.

    We’ve taken this year out to rest our staff and gather ourselves for another show-stopping weekend, which will take place 9th-10th April, 2016 which is now just seven months away!

    Already announced to join us is legendary composer Daniel Ingram, and just around the corner we have a host of other guests, to bring you music, art, writing, and much more!
    Also back is BUCK’s Summer Sun Celebration, the festival sized music concert that has annually raised the roof of our venues.

    All this will be taking place at EventCity, Manchester’s magic box – an enormous hall for us to fill with multi-pastel colours of the fandom.
    As a change from our previous years, we’re operating a modular ticket system. Instead of buying large sponsor-level tickets, we’ve broken down all our perks into Ticket Extras, allowing you to build your own unique experience. You can buy your tickets in any order, at different times, and keep adding to it whenever you feel like it!

    But remember, while we’re all used to BUCK happening in August, BUCK 2016 is in APRIL, which means you need to be buying your tickets and booking your hotels as soon as possible! Don’t wait until the new year when the early prices have gone!

    [BUCK 2014 Highlights Video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tb_uYq6Bk6c]

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    BUCK Towers out!

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