• Artist Spotlight: Miszasta / Sagebrush / MoonRaven2 / MyLittleSuki / Midnameowfries

    Welcome back to the Artist Spotlight my friends! It's been awhile since our last spotlight so today I've got five artists for you all to check out. From digital to traditional art, there is something for everyone in today's edition. On to the art!

    I am currently not accepting anymore artists for the spotlight as I still have 150 emails to go through. I'm going to start from the beginning (emails from 2013) and try my best to clear all these guys out. If you sent in an artist before, thank you so much for your patience! I never expected this feature to take off like it did so I'm a bit overwhelmed.

    Twitter: Calpain


    Our first artist today works in my favorite medium: traditional artwork. What makes Miszasta's work even more impressive in my eyes is that she specializes in traditional water colors, blending colors together in a way I have no clue of how it was accomplished. From serene pieces like the Vinyl we have as a header to silly pieces involving Derpy and the others, she is a multitalented artist that knows her art. Not only does she work in traditional art, but she is quite adept at digital artwork as well!

    So go to her gallery and check her out! She even does commissions in her watercolor style and for a very reasonable price I might add.

    Miszasta's Gallery


    Painting, whether digital or traditional, always looks quite distinct from other forms of pony artwork. With its blurry appearance painting takes on an almost surreal look and it helps bring out the emotion in a scene depending on the colors used and the extent of the blurring utilized in the drawing. Sagebrush tends to use a greater degree of blurring to give his work that surreal feel that really adds to the emotion in some of his pieces. Whether it be a creepy pic or a majestic piece of cover art for a story, he uses his technique well to get the point across.

    Sagebrush's Gallery


    Next up is another artist that works into both traditional and digital artwork to great success! Raven specializes mainly in what looks like color pencil for their traditional pieces, blending the colors together to give them an especially vibrant feel. You can see that same expertise in their digital artwork as well, making their pieces look like crisper versions of their traditional artwork and fooling the eye to think they are traditional in of themselves.

    Check out some examples below!

    MoonRaven2's Gallery


    The traditional art keeps on coming and I'm in absolute heaven because of it! Our next artist specializes in colored pencil, water brush pens, a bit of digital and more. Some of these pieces I would have sworn were digital if she didn't label them as traditional and detail what sort of equipment she used. Such coloring jobs I've rarely seen in traditional artwork.

    MyLittleSuki's Gallery


    Finally on our list today is a digital artist of many talents. Not sticking to one style or theme, Midna does a great job at both normal drawings but the surreal as well. From humanized ponies, abstract ponies, normal ponies, and even plushies, Midna has a lot of talent and is keen to show it off.

    Check out some of their work below!

    Midnameowfries' Gallery