• Nightmare Nights Dallas 2015 Announces Heather Breckel

    Comic fans out there have someone to look forward to meeting at NMND. Colorist Heather Breckel will be heading to Dallas for the usual convention madness. Head on down below the break for the details!

    Nightmare Nights Dallas 2015 Announces Heather Breckel

    Dallas is about to get a lot more colorful this October, as Nightmare Nights Dallas 2015 presents special guest Heather Breckel!

    Heather is a colorist for IDW, and has colored a huge number of the MLP comics released through the company, including the main MLP:FiM series, The Return of Queen Chrysalis, Nightmare Rarity, the Rarity and Luna micro-series and more.

    Hailing from Kentucky, Heather grew up reading the Sonic the Hedgehog comic series and was inspired to create art from an early age. She graduated first from an art high school and then the Columbus College of Art and Design, where she realized she had a passion for coloring and comic illustration in general. As a fan of MLP before the comics released, when she discovered on Equestria Daily that the IDW comics were being produced, she jumped at the opportunity to color them, and has since gone on to work on dozens of releases.

    You can check out Heather's background of work on her DeviantArt at angieness.deviantart.com.

    Whether you're waking up early on Saturdays to catch your favorite show, or you're first in line for every new comic, or you just can't seem to put down those pony books, Nightmare Nights Dallas 2015 has something for you to enjoy. We're the premier My Little Pony convention in north Texas, and we invite you to come on down and see us on the weekend of October 23-25. Make new friends and reunite with old ones, check out some awesome pony swag, and meet the great people who make this show and fandom one we all love.

    Register now for NMND 2015 at nightmarenights.net! Use discount code EQD10 at checkout to save 10% on your registration.