• Summer Achievements 2015 Begins - Go Do Pony Things For Internet Points!

    For those that missed it last year during that terrible hiatus, summer achievements have returned for 2015! We may have a season airing this time, but that doesn't mean fueling the fan content is any less important!

    What are summer achievements? Each year we toss out a whole bunch of challenges, each worth points, dedicated to getting you all involved in ponyland! Don't have any skills in a specific category? don't worry about it! It's all about self growth. Practice makes perfect, especially in the creative world.

    Below the break, you will find challenges covering everything from fanfiction, to simply commenting on people's work. That's right, you can literally just be slightly involved and earn points!

    Now go! Get your challenges below. And feel free to recommend more achievements!

    Point Tiers

    Current Total Points: 4225

    10 - Brony

    You did something pony related, Congrats!

    50 - Pony Pro

    You did a bunch of pony related things! You might grow hooves now!

    200 - Trixie's Stage Hand

    It might not be the most glamorous of jobs, but you do get to work with one of the most glamorous of ponies (as she has made clear countless times since you arrived)

    500 - Defender of the Derp

    It's a full time job with falling pianos, buildings collapsing, and the occasional pegasus shaped missile heading directly for your head, but at least the muffins are good. 

    1000 - Lyra's Anthropology Project

    Hands? Check! Feet? Check! Patchy mane? Check! The realization that everyone in Equestria runs around naked? Awkwaaard.

    1500 - Twilight Sparkle's Fanfiction Editor

    While complimenting her excellent use of the scientific method in deducing the perfect book to read togeather, Rippling Pages slowly caressed Moonlight Twinkle's cutie mark...

    2000 - Cadenza's Love Potion Taste Tester

    If a cute pony falls in love with a hairless monkey thing, you know the potion is working! 

    2500 - Celestia's Hoof Massage Therapist

    It was the only job available, but at least you get to hang with Royalty and take part in all the luxeries that go along with that all week.  Turns out Celestia really likes hoof massages. 

    3000 - Chrysalis's Personal Hugging Post

    Now if only you could convince her to do it when she wasn't in her bug form...

    3500 - Luna's Modernization Instructor 

    As Luna's personal teacher in all things current times, it is your job to spend every waking minute with the princess as she goes about her nightly duties. How far you take that is up to you~ 

    4000 - Alicorn Princess

    You sprouted wings, you grew a horn, you were given a castle, you have a miniature figure of yourself for little girls to gobble up, and you may or may not have changed genders.  The pinnacle of ponyness has been reached!

    4500 - ???




    Traditional and Video Games


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    Official Comics


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