• Artist Spotlight: ASG-Ready / Siagia / Brownie97 / Candylux

    Welcome my friends to another edition of the Artist Spotlight, where we try to put some lesser known artists in the limelight. Today we've got a a newcomer in the top slot as well as a variety of artists and different styles to admire.

    So check on after the break to find some cool art!


    Our first artist today is a relative newcomer to the pony scene! Focusing mainly on comics, you might have seen some of them already on EqD. While the style itself is relatively simple, it works great for multi-panel comics and he really can throw the detail into his pictures when they are stand alone (like the Celestia we used as the header). Combined with some decent humor and great expressions for his characters, he appears to have a long future in the fandom ahead!

    ASG-Ready's Gallery


    Next up on our list is an artist from Japan by the name of Siagia! Most of his artwork has an anime style to it, with bright eyes/colors and very expressive faces. What makes his work special is the different types of art he dabbles in. Everything from single pics, to comics, to even animation! If you're looking for cute and silly, Siagia has you covered.

    Saigia's Gallery


    Looking for brightly colored ponies that have a completely unique style to them? Brownie has you covered with a style that makes our little ponies skinnier and more graceful looking than they are on the show. Color is also one of their fortes as you're sure to find a bright mix of colors that wonderfully complements their style. If you're looking for something different out of pony, check Brownie out!

    Brownie97's Gallery


    Last on today's list is Candylux, an artist of multiple talents! Using ponies that are pretty accurate to the show, Candy puts them in great looking backgrounds alongside great renditions of clothing for the ponies as well as metal armor. Candy's skills go beyond just single pictures though, as they also have tried their hands at comics as well.

    Check some of their work out down below.

    Candylux's Gallery

    Twitter: Calpain