• A Bunch of People in the Fandom Review - Slice of Life

    PANDAMONIUM. It's no secret if you follow me at all, that I absolutely loved everything about the episode. It was the ultimate in fandom handshakes, filled to the brim with characters we have been freaking out about for years in the background. Many fanfics and headcanons were lost that day, but from the ashes we have a whole cast of new ideas to work with.

    Was it pandering? Hell yeah it was pandering. But that was the point. The 100th episode wasn't about creating a flawless serious story. The entire premise was silly and over the top, and I'm pretty sure that was the idea all along. The original script apparently had it all split up, but the overarching theme was later added.

    That and Derpy was adorable. Just look at that Derpy.

    We gotta analyze it anyway though! It's the fandom's way.

    Get a bunch of reviews below, some hating it, some loving it.

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