• 99 Episode Celebration - 9 of the Best Pony Freakouts of the Last 5 Seasons!

    This may sound mean, but I absolutely love it when ponies lose their minds. I sit back and wait for Meghan McCarthy episodes specifically, because I know its coming! Lesson Zero is EASILY in my top three, and Pinkie Pie's madness during season one shifted me from being endlessly annoyed by her to loving everything about the disturbed little sugar fiend. So unstable!

    Plus, she looks really good with a straight mane.

    Anyway,  we have 9 days left to go until episode 100, and is promised, another 9 things we loved in the past 5 seasons. Today we delve into the pony psyche, celebrating some of the best freakouts in the show!

    Head on down below the break to check it out.

    Rarity Wallows in Whatever Ponies Are Supposed to Wallow In

    This episode literally sold me on Rarity. Before now, she typically just registered as that shoehorned in fashion/boys/money obsessed character for me. Unleash the FREAK OUT! Crazy cat lady Rarity and her legendarily good voice work really made her stand out. I may not share her love in fashion, but her instability is perfect for moments like this!

    Did I mention that Tabitha killed it? She's still my favorite voice actress on the show.

    Twilight Sparkle Really Can Cook Pancakes With Her Mane

    Only Twilight Sparkle could pull off spontaneously combusting her mane. That's a right reserved specifically for her in this show. I'm pretty sure I'd follow suit if I had to hang out with Pinkie Pie for a week though. Indulge in Ponk, but only in moderation.

    Rarity Eating Ice Cream

    This one actually already popped up in another post, but once again, Rarity's crazy-cat-lady level ice cream nom nom noming takes the win. Just look at that completely defeated expression on her face. The endless supply of empty cartons on the ground. It's perfect in every way.

    That and I'm in the mood for ice cream.

    Twilight Sparkle losing it in It's About Time

    Nopony beats Twilight Sparkle in the art of freaking out. This entire Monitor EVERYTHING scene was amazing, from her refusing to move while Spike taunted her with ice cream, to the bloodshot eyes after not sleeping for days. 

    We can go into detail on Twily later though. This was only the tip of the iceberg when it comes to her insanity.

    Rainbow Dash at the Best Young Flyers Competition

    This one isn't one of the best because it was funny. Honestly it was kind of sad in a way. It's one of the best because of how much it added to Rainbow Dash's character. Before now, she was pretty much the paragon of unstoppable confidence. It really showed how insecure she can be in the end. Dash needs her friends just as much as they need her, and her freakout at the Best Young Flyers competition really helped spotlight that.

    Fluttershy's You're Going to LOVE ME

    Before now, Flutterbutt's freakouts were pretty... light to say the least. Kicking a vase after squeaking is the extent of what we saw from her. I don't think anyone ever expected this. Yellowquiet UNLEASHED THE BEAST. Color me afraid. Very very afraid. Wouldprobablynotvisit/10.

    I'm Pancake / Castle Sweet Castle Insomniatwi

    She's pancake.

    Pinkie Pie's "Party"

    Pinkie Pie is absolutely insane. Think about that for a moment. Buried in all that incredible happiness is... this! How close to the edge is she at any given moment? Interrogating Spike, befriending inanimate objects, making whatever that expression up there is, and all in the time frame of a single afternoon.

    I miss not having numbers, because this is obviously near the top. Only one other instance of insanity beats it...

    ALL of Lesson Zero

    Did I mention that Twilight Sparkle is the greatest and most powerful freakout pony in all of Equestria? This is that episode I show people to make them realize these aren't the ponies they think I'm watching. Starting season 2 off with Discord, followed by this bombshell, sealed the show as one of the most successful cartoons of the modern era. I'm sure I'm not the only one that converted people just by showing them clips of it.

    Just look at that absolute madness up there. Nothing comes close!


    (I think people are a bit confused at these. Technically it's #10. The 9 others are up there!) 

    People ask me why I love Trixie all the time. One would think a character like this would be unappealing to just about anyone. But lets be realistic about Equestria's #1 bratty magician. She's incredibly interesting. What lead to a pony to be like Trixie? The way she talks, acts, makes up wild stories about herself. It's perfect.

    There wasn't a character out there that was more deserving of being amplified by the alicorn amulet. Nopony else would have hit that level of madness on the crazy-meter. The wheels, the Trixie decorations, the giant glass bubble thing... Trixie rocked it.

    And that about covers it. If you want to catch up on our past 99 episode celebration posts, hit it up over here. And feel free to add your fav's below. Obviously we couldn't hit all of them.

    Sethisto SIGNING OFF!

    Thanks to Bob for the idea on this one! Send in ideas ye foals!