• Writer's Training Grounds Submissions: "Make New Friends but Keep Discord"

    Discord and Fluttershy are quite a dynamic duo.

    Get the latest selection of the fruits of our writers' labor after the break.

    Normal/Slice of Life

    [Normal] - 1000 words

    Author: A Hoof-ful of Dust

    Discord learns a friendship lesson in the space it takes to release a breath.

    Mr. Brightside

    Characters: Discord


    [Normal][Comedy] - 2786 words

    Author: Palladium

    Fluttershy, Discord, Tree Hugger, and The Smooze go out to dinner and have discussions about Discord's favorite ooze dishes, far out jackrabbits, and radical crest motions among other oozes of interest.

    Dinner for Four at the Smoozgasbord

    Characters: Discord, Fluttershy, Tree Hugger

    [Comedy][Normal] - 5524 words

    Author: Levarien

    Ever had that class that you absolutely hated, but had to pass before you moved on with your studies? It's usually some claptrap that is diametrically opposed to whatever your major is. For Discord, that class is "Eternal-Personal Skills 101." He and his buddy, The Smooze, will do anything to get this course out of the way. Well, anything except studying and taking it seriously. Luckily, an opportunity just may present itself.

    Kappa Omega Sigma

    Characters: Discord, The Smooze, Celestia

    [Comedy] - 2107 words

    Author: AlphaOmega

    Take a trip down memory lane with Discord as he talks about his wild college days with the Smooze and other gods.

    Back in my day...

    Characters: Discord

    [Random] - 2186 words

    Author: DouglasTrotter

    Discord takes Tree Hugger up on her offer for a get together Dinner date. Discord being Discord, he got the lucky roll of the dice to pick the location for the outing. As for the place to hit up, a little something that is "out of this world" should suffice.

    World Between Worlds

    Characters: Discord , Fluttershy, Tree Hugger, The Smooze

    [Random][Normal] - 1285 words

    Author: Queen Fangirl

    Discord's plan won't work unless he manages to convince an old college friend with one reason why it should come back.

    Look Who Comes Crawling Back

    Characters: Discord, The Smooze

    [Normal][Comedy] - 4300 words

    Author: ScifiPony

    So Fluttershy said, “Pretty much everypony knows you’ll ask us out. Your performance at the Gala is the talk of the town. The Downtown Rag ran a transcript.” So I said, "Well, then, dinner out?" To which Fluttershy said, "Yes, if Tree Hugger agrees." And there in a nutshell lies my problem: This red-maned Bohemian was inscrutable and unflappable. Worse, I had the uncanny feeling she was playing me. Me? Yeah, she didn’t remember meeting me. That was my line! So, how do you arrange a double date, without raining down chaos, and keeping every pony happy? Well, I started by asking Spike about Rarity...

    Four's A Crowd

    Characters: Discord, Tree Hugger, Spike


    [Romance][Normal] - 1153 words

    Author: Catrina37

    After the Grand Galloping Gala fiasco, Discord finds himself within outcast range, especially with Diamond Tiara. Fluttershy decides to treat him, Tree Hugger, and the Smooze to dinner to cheer him up. When that didn't work, Fluttershy takes him to he one place she knows will cheer him up. It brings the two closer together.

    Discord's Perfect Dinner Date

    Characters: Discord, Fluttershy

    [Comedy][Shipping] - 1900 words

    Author: Georg

    Cheerilee meets an interesting date who appeals to her educational background: The Smooze

    Cheerilee's Thousand Tribute - The Ooze at the Bottom of the Bin

    Characters: Cheerilee, The Smooze


    [Tragedy][Comedy] - 2749 words

    Author: Cas Potato

    as Fluttershy invited Treehugger and Discord over for picnic. She started to ask for Discord and Treehugger to tell some stories.

    Confession of Two Over Picnic

    Characters: Treehugger, Discord, Fluttershy