• 99 Episode Celebration - 9 Of the Best Songs of the Last Five Seasons!

    Pony has always had a huge musical presence, from the simple short jungles like Giggle at the Ghosty, to the epic ballads that cross entire episodes. Each season usually ushers in roughly sixteen new songs.

    Continuing on from our 99 episode celebration covering characters the other day, we hit the songs now! Expect fangasming, expect history, expect glorious pony music!

    I should probably mention, than these are in no specific order and are our opinion, so feel free to drop your fav's in the comments. Everyone loves different things about this show, that's what makes it so great!

    Head on down below the break to check out our top 9 songs of the last five seasons!

    (Another note: This list was hard! This show has too many good songs!)

    This is the song that started it all. While it doesn't come anywhere near some of the other juggernauts in the series, it still holds up as that major gateway between "I guess I'll give this a shot"  to full on pony love. I'm sure I wasn't the only one that rushed to turn down the speakers so no one could hear Pinkie Pie's giggly song at full volume back then. These days we blast ALL THE PONY MUSIC. But two weeks in, this was still a big deal!

    It also set the precedent for how musical this show was going to be. No one was expecting random ponies to break into song constantly after the first half of the pilot 2-parter.

    Our first foray into the world of villain music, and one of the best songs in the series. So many people remixed it, so many people had it playing on repeat for days, and so many people have appreciated it's Disney-level awesome. Mrs. Cadenza can really rock those vocals. It helped cement her as more than just a piece of pink alicorn product placement.

    Winter Wrap Up actually leaked before it was even officially released. I've gone over that a million times though. The big thing here was how significant it was. Up until now, we hadn't had a song involving all six of the mane ponies. So many people were excited for the episode after hearing it, and I know a few people that actually started watching pony after hearing it. All those "anypony's" and "everyopony's" are addictive.

    Another early season epic in it's own right, but the big thing here was how... final it was. We had just gotten through our first season of the show, and this sort of signified the end of it. We had no idea when or if season 2 was coming, and going into our first major hiatus, a lot of people were worried the fandom was going to die before it even really got going. How ridiculously wrong we were...

    At the Gala was stuck in my head for weeks after the episode. I'm nostalgiaing just thinking about it.

    Seven songs. They packed seven songs into a single 22 minute episode highlighting what was essentially the biggest character progression arc in the series. I don't think it would have had anywhere near the impact if the concept wasn't so interesting on it's own. Can you imagine Magical Mystery Cure if it was just your typical episode with Twilight sprouting wings at the end? The epic just wouldn't be there.

    I still think Twilight needed a two-parter to really go through that transition, but having so many fun songs leading up to it certainly softened the blow.

    Want to get happy? Listen to the Smile Song. Pinkie Pie's first major solo was one of those most upbeat musical numbers I've heard in forever. I'm pretty sure this is second only to This Day Aria in number of remixes out there.

    Every once in a while we break off from the usual pony music style for something unique, and this one was up there at the top on that scale. Daniel Ingram wanted to do something more show-tuney, and he nailed it to say the least. It actually joined Becoming Popular for a daytime Emmy nomination, but unfortunately didn't make it. It totally should have though!

    This one also cemented that Rainbow Dash / Fluttershy duo dynamic that had been building up over the last season. They make a good pair.

    They hired Weird Al. Freakin Weird Al. The stars aligned, Will Anderson just happened to be friends with him, and we got an entire polka style episode. That would be like the old rumor of David Tennant voicing Doctor Whoof in a future episode actually coming true. Things like that just don't happen!

    You can probably partly thank yourselves for this one fandom! I doubt we would have seen him on board, or any major names, if the show didn't explode. It's all thanks to you guys!

    The new kid on the block, right next to Rainbow Dash's awesome new rock song for season five favorites. We grabbed this one over the other just due to how unique it is in the world of pony. Daniel Ingram actually admit that the song is based on World War 2 propaganda music. The choreography with the creepy ponies of "Our Town" just made it all the better.

    Honorable Mention / Dictator Takeover...

    They wouldn't let me include this on the list, but I DO WHAT I WANT. All my friends seem to hate this song, but I love it. The lyrics are a little derpy, but the concept and song itself rock.



    And that covers it today! Expect another in two days, and catch up on any old ones over here!

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