• BronyCAN Adds Peter New and Brenda Crichlow

    Like Zecora or Big Mac? Live in Canada or plan to head there near the end of Summer? Good news! Brenda Crichlow and Peter New are going to be attending BronyCAN. Head on down below the break to check out the presser!

    Are lines that are given short and rhymed, important to ponies when they are well-timed? Ee-yup! BronyCAN is proud to bring you two actors who give life to a pair of curiously-spoken, but sage ponies on the show, Peter New and Brenda Crichlow! Peter voices none other than the laconic Big Macintosh in addition to numerous background voices, while Brenda provides the rhymes for Ponyville’s resident wise-zebra, Zecora! Both will be available through the weekend of Aug 21-23 at BronyCAN 2015!

    About Peter New
    Peter New is an actor, voice actor and writer. He has over 80 professional credits including: Motive, Delete, Fringe, Mr Young, The Imaginarium of Doctor Parnassus, Lost Treasure of the Grand Canyon, Psych, Men In Trees and Scooby Doo 2: Monsters Unleashed. He has voiced many cartoon characters, from ‘Evan’ in Barbie Thumbelina, to ‘Ian Vashti’ in Gundam00, ‘Lunk’ in Powerpuff Girls Z, but is most well known as 'Sunil' in  Littlest Pet Shop, and ‘Big Macintosh’ in My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic. Other voice credits include InuYasha, Warhammer 40000: Dawn of War, Sushi Pack, Fantastic Four, Rekkit Rabbit, Martha Speaks, Dino Train, Goola City and Need 4 Speed: Hot Pursuit.

    Peter began acting with a sketch comedy troupe called The Legend of Bonefish, who disbanded twenty years ago, although some of those old sketches have sprung up on YouTube, starring middle-aged versions of themselves. Weird. He has broad interests, from astronomy to photography, architecture to environment. He plays a little piano, a bit of guitar, some ukulele, and a passel of drums. One day he wants to cut a record. He enjoys cooking, but more than that, eating. Yummy.

    About Brenda Crichlow
    Brenda is one of the busiest, dynamic, and most versatile women in Vancouver's film industry. As Artistic Director of Crichlow Actors’ Studio Inc. (CASt), she brings more than 24 years of experience both in front of the camera and behind the scenes in film, television, and radio as a professional actor and instructor. Her background has cultivated CASt's excellent reputation among industry professionals, peers and students alike.

    A graduate of the Studio 58 Theatre Arts program in Vancouver, Brenda has merited guest starring, series recurring and lead roles for film and television, voice-over, (Zecora on My Little Pony) radio hosting, and commercials.

    Some highlights include working alongside: Kyra Sedgwick (The Possession); Genie Francis and Ted McGinley (Notes From The Heart Healer); Harrison Ford (Firewall), Angela Bassett (The Lazarus Child), Linda Hamilton (Home for the Holidays); and in Vice with Michael Madsen and Mykelti Williamson. Episodic shows: Smallville, Twilight Zone, Dead Zone, The Outer Limits, Jeremiah, Xes & Ohs and Blade to name but a few; as well as numerous national, commercial campaigns for Cantel AT&T, South Western Bell, Allina Health Systems, ADT, Ivory Snow, Ford, and Dell.

    Her passion and skill has led to work with children to adults as an on set acting coach for shows such as: Spooky House starring Ben Kingsley and Mercedes Ruehl, Just Deal, Elf, (James Caan, Mary Steenburgen, and Will Ferrell); and as a sub on Things we Lost in the Fire starring Halle Berry, Benicio Del Toro and David Duchovny.