• Everfree Northwest - Letters to Discord, Conbook Ads, Charity, and Conbook Cover Contest

    A whole bunch of random announcements have arrived from the team over at Everfree Northwest! If you plan on heading over there, head on down below the break to check all of it out!

    Letters to Discord

    Have you ever wanted to send a message to the avatar of chaos, Discord, or to his Earthly counterpart, one Mr. John de Lancie? Then now’s your chance!

    Everfree Northwest, in partnership with ILoveKimPossibleAlot, are running a “Letters to Discord” project. That’s right, we’ll be collecting your letters and giving them to John de Lancie at Everfree Northwest 2015!

    Rules and online submission form can be found at: docs.google.com/forms/d/1Ia3bBJTj1xDeeZUCGwtgBUFoKNBB3dxqD3Mg69Qn83Q/viewform

    You do not need to be attending Everfree Northwest 2015 in order to submit a letter. There is a deadline of May 19th to send in your letters either via the submission form or by mail to the address provided. If you are attending EFNW, you can also bring your letter with you!

    So start writing those letters! We look forward to receiving them and ever more so to giving them to John de Lancie!

    (Art courtesy of ILoveKimPossibleAlot - source)

    EFNW 2015: Con Book Ad Space Now Available For Purchase

    Do you have a service or product you want to promote? If so, then let Everfree Northwest help! Ad space in our 2015 convention book is now available for purchase.

    We will be offering the following as sizes:
    Full Page ($160): 6-3/8" × 8-¼"
    Half Page ($90): 6-3/8“ x 4”
    Quarter Page ($50): 3“ x 4”

    If you interested, act fast! The deadline to submit is May 4th. Send your request for ad space to both our Design team at [email protected] and our Business team at [email protected].

    The ad must be in a .pdf, .jpg, .png, .ai or .psd file format with a minimum dpi of 300.

    Payment for ad space may be made via PayPal (preferred) or check.

    Our ad space is limited, so get yours now before they’re all sold out!

    Everfree Northwest Charity Announcements

    Hello everypony! We have a few bits of news to share with you all from the Everfree Northwest 2015 Charity team.

    1) We are still accepting donations for our charity auction. With the help of this wonderful community, we have raised over $75,000 for Seattle Children’s hospital over the past 3 years. We hope to make this year’s auction the best one yet! If there is anything you wish to donate to the charity auction, please fill out our donation submission form on our website.

    2) Donation bins will be making a return! We will be taking food, toy, and book donations. Donate and you just might get some swag of our con mascot, Front Page!

    3) Our Charity department will be teaming up with our CCG (Collectable Card Game) division to host a Charity Tournament at EFNW! So optimize those decks and get ready to play for charity! All proceeds will go to benefit Toys 4 Tots.

    We look forward to seeing the generosity of this wonderful community of MLP fans!

    EFNW Conbook Cover Contest Ending Friday, April 24

    Conbook Cover Contest reminder, the deadline for the contest is this week, Friday April 24th!

    For all the contest details and rules, please visit our Conbook Cover Contest page at everfreenw.com/events/art-contest. Email our Design team at [email protected] if you have any questions.

    You can find the conbook cover template at everfreenw.com/media/CoverContest-Template.pdf and view the full contest rules at everfreenw.com/events/art-contest/rules

    Don’t forget, we’re giving a $100 Amazon gift card to our Grand Prize winner in addition to our other prizes!

    And remember, you don’t have to live North America or even be planning on attending Everfree Northwest 2015 to submit an entry. International artist and those not coming to EFNW are welcome and encouraged to enter.