• Music of the Day #480

    I hate spiders. Twilight hates spiders. Most people hate spiders. Why are they so terrifying? Why don't they evolve to be less frightening already? Haven't we smushed enough of them over the last few centuries? Surely mutations should be appearing that make them less macing looking, and in turn less squishable?

    Anyway, get Music of the Day!

    [1] Source
    Make This Castle A Home feat. Vaceslav

    [2] Source
    Into A Dream - Sights Unseen

    [3] Source
    fractilx - a cutie mark won't change you (dreaming mix)

    [4] Source
    Synthis - Broken Wings (PlexiTofer Remix)

    [5] Source
    ReuelBrony - Here I Stand
    Alternative / Rap

    [6] Source
    Make This Castle A Home 8-bit
    8 Bit

    [7] Source
    Life Is a Runway (8-Bit)
    8 Bit

    [8] Source
    LAIKO - Paradise
    Drums and Bass

    [9] Source
    Babs Seed [VRC6]
    8 Bit

    [10] Source
    Reuel - Cutie Anxiety [Read Description]