• Nightfall Gets a Zecora Update

    Silly Mare Games has dropped another update for Nightfall off for those of you tower defending/platforming/saving the world. Have the specifics:

    • Added new secret character (Character 9). Hint: she's an evil enchantress. And I'm going to make this easy for you: the unlocking code is a flower.
    • Slightly faster energy regeneration (double for Applejack).
    • Enemies slightly nerfed.
    • Removed Mystery Bags bonus from Character 7.
    • 'Destiny Shift' (Character 7) is now random, but also much faster and costs less spirit.
    • You now start with full energy (up from 80%).
    • Nightfall timer now only reaches 100 "seconds" (down from 200), but each second is twice as longer. So there's no actual playability change here, but I thought it would be nice to let you know.
    • Other minor changes and bug fixes. The game now reminds you of boss battles when they spawn, the 'Strong Soil' achievement is now easier to unlock, a bunch of bugs were fixed, and more.

    Head on over here to grab it!