• Random Merch: Rainbow Dash Shoes, Twilight NERD GLASSES Shows, Bean Bag, Pint Glasses, and More!

    Does this count as... horse shoes? Ohhhhh. I'm clever.

    It's time for more random merch! The shoes up above were found at Macys here and here by GT, and everything else can be found below the break!

    Secrets Book and Bag Set

    Includes the "lockable secrets book", flight bag, a roller stamper pen, 2 gel pens and a key chain.

    Found at: Boyes in the UK
    Found by: SUP3R Toastr

    More Cutie Mark Magic Sightings

    Found at: Entertainer UK / Crystal lake in Illinois
    Found by: Dead-Pon3 Midnight Moonbeam

    More Shoes!  Light Up Style 


    Found at: Kmart
    Found by: GT

    Rainbow Dash Phone Case

    Found at: Claire's
    Found by: Duel Monster

    Pony Pint Glasses

    Gotta drink that beer with your poni. Assuming you are old enough for beer.  Otherwise do Applejuice.  Or if you are like me and don't drink anything, water works.

    Found at: TJ Max
    Found by: Tristan

    Bean Bag Chair

    Pony butt cushion.

    Found at: Walmart
    Found by: Rachel

    Pony Towel Wrap

    Found at: Meijer
    Found by: Mike

    Lenticular Puzzle

    I have no idea what a lenticular puzzle is, and apparently neither does Firefox.

    Found at: Go!
    Found by: Swift Blaze