• EQD Suggestion Gathering for 2015! What do You Want to See Us Add, Change, or Improve On?

    I feel like over time, people have shifted from seeing us as a community spotlight and more of a company thing, which we've always tried to avoid.  I should probably get one of those FAQ things going again some time to dispel any of that.

    As a site that hopes to continue to represent the pony world in all of it's different flavors and colors,  we can only improve with feedback from the masses.  Just like all the people creating those videos, art, songs, and other projects pining for feedback, we need it too!

    So, good denizens of the ponynet, lay it into us! What do you want to see change? What do you want us to cover more of? How can we improve your overall viewing experience?

    Hit those comments up with your ideas! I'll try to go through and answer whatever I can throughout the day.