• Alicorn Princess Blast Development Update

    Right after Everfree Northwest this summer the Gaming Colts released their demo version of their game Alicorn Princess Blast, a game similar to the Raiden arcade series. It received tons of feedback and has since grown into a full fledged project with about a dozen people working on the game and basically starting over from scratch in order to implement some of the suggestions you all gave them.

    Now they're ready to announce their first update as well as put out some feelers for more people to join the staff! Check on after the break for a little at the update and info on what sort of personnel they are looking for.

    We’re close to hitting a BIG milestone!

    We’re close to completing one of the levels of the game! I can’t release details about the level as that would spoil the carefully crafted narrative arc we’ve made. But what I can tell you about why this is big for us is that we’ve completely retooled our code! Development for when we finish the levels will be much easier! This means of course that making this game will become easier compared to making the prototype that we showed!

    Early Access Demo will be available in April 2015!

    This demo will include some of the levels fully developed to production quality! These levels will include cutscenes, branching paths and redesigned boss battles! One of the bosses may have already been seen as the artist has released an animated sprite of it!

    We Need a PR Person!

    We’d like to keep engaged with our audience a lot more but we’re going to need a little help! If you know the ebb and flow of Twitter and Facebook, please fill out the recruitment form on our site- www.thegamingcolts.com!

    Twitter: Calpain