• PonyVRVille Updated

    Remember that Oculus Rift Ponyville game? Well, we've got a new update from the creator that I was able to test out at Nightmare Nights last weekend. With new optimizations, animations, and other tweaks it's certainly a step up from the last version!

    Check on after the break for a list of changes as well as download links and pictures for the new version.

    v0.0.2a 10/30/2014

    "Yer a pony 'arry."
    • All new animations and updated/optimized pony models.
    • New animations include both blinking and eye movements, lowering the Creepy-Zombie-Pony Index (CZPI) to a more comfortable 3.8975.
    • FPS and HMD stats can be brought up by pressing "Right" on the d-pad of your controller as well now.
    • Complete internal code and blueprint overhaul that you don't care about, but it is a good thing. Really. Mostly anyway.
    • Ponies will no longer moonwalk away from you after conversations.
    • Parasprite spawn will only happen once you complete Trixie's quest, bringing enough (100) of them to Pinkie will also stop the random Parasprite spawns.
    • The no-collision forest behind Fluttershy's cottage has been razed. I blame Spike.
    • Fixed Sugarcube Corner roof collisions. You can now collide with it.
    • DetourCrowds implemented for marginally better navigation AI.
    • Pegasi, like the fickle airborne creatures that they are, will now make their own choices as to whether walk or fly.
    • Thanks to the kindness of MelodicPony History of Ponyville is the current BGM.
    • As a way of tempting fate, the internal name for the pony controller class is now CelestAI.
    • Game now fades to black on reload and from black on load. Use this calming moment to contemplate the choices in life that led to you playing a VR My Little Pony sim.
    • Spawned Pinkie clones now shout FUN at varying frequency, giving you even more of an incentive to re-evaluate their continued existence.
    • Ponies may now take a temporary break from walking around aimlessly, giving them the illusion of free will.
    • River tiling and texture fixed. You still walk on it however.
    • Derpy’s cloud is now a stylized shape instead of a particle effect.
    • Some misspellings have been fixed, but probably not all of tehm.
    • Sometimes an exploding Pinkie clone will launch you to an absurd height. You’re welcome.
    • Shadows changed to be ray traced distance field area shadows. This is probably a good thing.
    • Some anti-aliasing has been added, the exact amount will be tweaked later.
    • Lightmap UV's have been fixed to remove overlap. This had the effect of removing overlap from lightmap UV's.
    • Several old bugs have been replaced with new ones. Finding them is left as an exercise to the player.
    • Icon and loading splash screen have been customized. Seemed like the thing to do. Will change them later.
    • Even more random undocumented keyboard commands. For example hitting "1" blows up all the spawned Pinkie clones at once.
    • Thanks to advances in virtual pony technology, you are now a virtual pony. Cutiemarks are not available in this release, blank-flank.

    So there are a couple of tweaks since Nightmare Night too, and hopefully enough people have Oculus Rift dev kits now to be able to get the full experience out of it.
    The download links are:

    Google Drive: https://drive.google.com/file/d/0ByqUEDZ3xeIkZlRIMTZ6RDU2cFU/view?usp=sharing 

    There are some screenshots on the site, and http://imgur.com/a/6LbSq is the imgur album with them at higher res.

    Twitter: Calpain