• BronyCon Officially Announces Plans Through 2025

    Earlier today, BronyCon announced via Social Media that it has official plans to host a convention every year through 2018. Additionally, they are in the early stages of planning for conventions through 2025.

    Below, you can find some tweets by BronyCon Chair, Josh Dean, moments before the official BronyCon Twitter account announced this news.
    Tweets by @imjoshdean

    Many other fandoms still exist and thrive without any original content, do you think the My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic fandom could do that? Even if Friendship is Magic stops airing, you can be certain that a BronyCon (or something similar) will be in existence for fans to enjoy.

    Editor's Note: Hey there, for those who don't know aside from being an Editor on Equestria Daily, I also run BronyCon Social Media and I'm very happy to share this with you guys here. We're in for the long haul now!