• Series 3 MLP Trading Cards Pop Up for Pre-order With December Release

    Toywiz has once again revealed a release date.  The Series 3 trading cards are now available over there.  Exact description:

    Fans have been waiting and wanting and we are delivering in a new and big way! My Little Pony Series 3 Trading Card Fun Packs are packed full of fun in this new configuration. New 8-card packs contain 1 foil card, 1 tattoo, either a sticker or standee and more! Lenticular cards will replace the gold foil cards in this set and will appear in approx. 1:24 packs.

    They sent us a coupon code for those of you that like to buy these things in bulk too. The booster boxes (24 packs) drop in price by 20 bucks if you toss EQDSAVE in at checkout. 

    Good luck getting the right cards! And someone send me a shiny version of whatever Trixie is in this set.  There better be a Trixie.