• Random Merch: Power Wheels, Fluffy Diaries, Pony Purse, and More!

    I hear ye be seekin' an overwhelmingly pink truck. Fortune went our way, as t' seas have gifted us with their bounty t'day. Get yer pink truck at Toys R' Us.

    Thanks to Jeremy for sending it! 

    And more random merch down below!

    Plush Diaries 

    Even t' most notorious o' pirates keeps a log.

    Found at Toys R' Us by Steven

    Pony Purse

    Maybe not so piratey

    Found at Kmart by jskr.

    Glowy Things

    Found at Target by Ryan

    Pencil Toppers

    Also at Target!

    Wall Decals

    Found at Costco by Kelsey

    Planet Socks Set

    Apparently just a Publishers Clearing House Mailer.  Found by @Flintban

    Random Walgreens Stuff

    At Walgreens by Sally Generations

    Shuffle Pony Game

    Over on Amazon.  Thanks to MLP Brony Pony

    Hat and Gloves Set

    At Big Lots.

    Thanks to Mr. Disco!