• Random Merch: Equestria Girls Stage, Face Tattoos, Charms, Changeling Stickers, and More!

    That Battle of the Bands set thing has popped up over at Amazon for those collecting these things.  If you want it, you can get it over here!  Thanks to Micheal for that one. 

    And below the break, boatloads of random merch! Go get it. 

    Face Tattoos

    Found at Claires by Sarah and

    EG Charms at Claires 

    Just in case you aren't flooded enough with EG stuff right now. 

    Found on their website as well!

    Pinkie Pie Band Set

    All the instruments. 

    Found by Unicornmon at Walgreens

    Ultra Foil Puzzle

    Found at Walmart by Blas and Annie 

    Pony Fabric

    Found at Hancock Fabrics by Mike

    Sticker Set

    We don't often get Changeling merch.

    Found at a railway station in Poland by Stuwa

    Canvas Wall Art

    Found by Dr. Fredereck at Gordmans

    Wrapping Paper

    Found at Walmart by Morgan

    Halloween Coloring Book

    Found at Walmart by Marc and a bunch of others I lost the emails of!

    Another Hooded Tower Wrap

    Found by Walmart by Aegg