• Tons of Random Equestria Girls Merch Items Popping Up Everywhere

    I'll be honest here, we've kinda been slacking on covering the EG merch. While we do like the movies, it's a bit hard to get into the toy side of it.I'll buy the hell out of pony figures, but dolls are a bit far.  That being said, we have some extras for those of you who are collecting these! Head on down below the break for a whole bunch of random toys that have been popping up in stock, or online these last few days.

    Thanks to Jason, everyone that has sent these in the past few days!

    Equestria Girls Stage

    Found at Smyths and Hasbro Toy Shop.

    "With Fashions" Dolls

    These two popped up over on the Hasbro EG site

    Movie Style Dolls

    More from the recent EG website update. 

    They have also been spotted at Target and Toys R' Us according to one of the submitters, Karen and Miranda.

    Trixie Doll

    Also appearing on EG website.

    Sunset Shimmer Main Doll

    Found on Amazon

    Someone also reported spotting her at Target