• The Ultimate Cake - Boba Fet Rides Rainbow Dash Across Space

    I have something special for you all today, a true wonder of culinary art.  Note the determined look on Rainbow Dash's face and the exhilarated pose Boba Fet is striking as they fly through the stars in search of their most recent bounty.

    The Rebels were struggling enough as is, but when Dash joined the fray, several of their top commanders were quickly corralled up and dropped off for large sums of money.  Dash used it to pay back her Wonderbolts Academy student debt, but quickly realized that the freedom of traveling the galaxy hunting down the ultimate prey was much more of a rush for an adrenaline junky like herself. As the empire flourished with their new ultimate bounty duo, new contracts came in at an almost constant rate, and Dashy Fet Bounties LLC became a household name with it's own reality TV series. 

    With a powerful enough telescope, you can actually see them blasting from solar system to solar system wreaking havoc on some of the most powerful space crime syndicates out there. It really is magical.