• Discussion: What Oldschool My Little Pony Villain Do you Want to See Return Next?

    We see oldschool stuff creep into our newschool ponyland all the time, with Tirek probably being the most significant.  An old villain was brought back and beefed up for our millennial brains to absorb (or older fans to nostalgia about). 

    It turns out, older generations of MLP had quite a few big villains throughout their episodes, from The Smooze to a creepy bee thing called Queen Bumble .  Some actually have really interesting concepts overall, that we could probably see work well in modern day Equestria.

    So good citizens of Equestria Daily.  You have once again been given that blank check to summon any old villain from any of the previous generations of My Little Pony for a revamp.  Who do you want to see return?  Who would you have voice them?

    A good list can be found over here in the Antagonists section.