• Summer Community Interview! Feat. Individual: djtetsuo

    Hey there, marshmallows, Cocoa Delight here. Summer Community Interviews begin with the relatively new, and super amazing, DJ and producer, djtetsuo. I'll be interviewing as many community members as I can get a hold of, in the coming weeks. Look forward to it. Today is all about super secret pony alliances! Check it out after the jump:

    I'm your pony of enigmas and chocolate, Cocoa Delight, here with one of my favorite live DJs, djtetsuo! Appearing in performance at brony conventions across the United States, this rising community figurehead isn't just a talented producer. He's also a Coast Guard veteran and the wielder of one of those rare personalities that keeps you smiling from the moment you meet him. He's played shows across the United States as a coveted artist and I had the lucky opportunity to catch him live at FE 2013. Quite soon, he'll be doing it again in Houston, at Fiesta Equestria, in the Marriott Westchase, for 2014.  

    Cocoa Delight: How about we dive right in, then. How has this last year or so been?

    djtetsuo: 2013 was excellent and 2014 has been really good so far. BABScon & MLP-MSP have been awesome, but I have dealt with bad ones. This year I'm performing at very exciting venues like Bronypalooza and Fiesta Equestria. I'm even playing in Hamburg, Germany, later in October. I love being appreciated in this fandom as a DJ, makes me think that people finally get that DJing is a very technical skill and I've found it entertaining to learn.

    CD: What are some reasons you're here with the rest of us bronies?

    djtetsuo: I think the reason why I love being in this fandom is because we all love the show and we are possibly the most considerate group of people I have ever been associated with. The fact I can go to different parts of the country and even the world to talk to fans, perform on stages in front of huge audiences, and appreciate the MLP community is absolutely worth it. The ponies are just a plus to that.

    CD: What got you in to ponies and how has it impacted you?

    djtetsuo: To be honest, I doubted it at first, but then I took the time to pay the show some attention and I found that I could relate to its values and its overall messages in each episode. It has changed my life because I have been surrounded so many amazing people and friends over the year. It has turned me into a smarter artist and it makes me value the skill of DJing a lot more.

    CD: What is going on in the world of djtetsuo?

    djtetsuo: Me, overall, I'm just incredibly busy. Gigs gigs gigs. I have Fiesta, Indy Black Expo, Bronycon, then Lunafest. I'm working hard on producing and mixing my first full length ablum,"I'm a robot & that's ok," which will be released... Whenever, right now. I just want it to be absolutely perfect, and I'm trying different methods of producing like record sampling and mashing loops with produced elements like custom synths. I will be giving people the first taste of my LP at Bronycon's Bronypalooza, August 1st, in Baltimore, Maryland with a 4 deck mashup set. I'm now working on a new YouTube channel called, "Tetsuo, the robot," on which I will be uploading let's plays, tutorials, travel logs, live performances, personal messages and, my favorite, audio/visual mixtapes in the style of Concrete TV. I will be working on doing more performances over the next year, as well.

    CD: Quite a wonderful plan! I can't wait to hear that album. Besides that and your YouTube project, have you been working with anyone else in the music world?

    djtetsuo: #THESAVORY is mainly what I have been associating myself with the past couple of months. It is a supergroup with Additive Subtractive, f3nning, Garnika, and myself. We performed for the first time at MLP-MSP and it was a hit. If you like that set, you'll love what we have for Fiesta. The other is #kolt. #KOLT is another supergroup consisting of @yellingatcats, @nexgenrapper, @rhymeflow1, @mcmiag, @ibeconceptSickness & @automat1cjack, I am their live DJ and I am mixing their album. I am also voice acting some skits for them in the future for the album. Gonna be awesome.

    CD: That's a huge amount of awesome! Looks like we have a ton to look forward to. Anything you'd like to add for your fans and the bronies reading at home?

    djtetsuo: This: The album has been hella hard to work on and I have been working so much on it, with time I don't have, to make it amazing for you guys. So, thank you to everybody that is sticking around for the full thing. I can't wait to show the world what has been in my mind for years. Shout out to @AS_plusminus, @f3nning, @DJ_Garnika, @livingtombstone, @I_AM_ALEXS, @Silvahound, and @thesavorymusic #SAVORYNATION & #KOLT for the incredible support and help. Most of all, a huge thank you to all my fans & followers for tremendous support & love, I seriously could not do it without you all. Be sure to check the 3 new projects coming out later this year and on in to 2015 from #KOLT, #THESAVORY, and my solo project, "I am a robot & that's ok." Also, if you like our live sets and music, show some community support. Change your profile name to "SAVORY <your name here>" and follow us at @thesavorymusic for future updates and new music.

    CD: Tons of wonderful things are going down. That's not even mentioning all the conventions you're performing at!

    djtetsuo: I'll be playing Fiesta, then Bronycon, then Lunafest in Germany, then a lot of cons that I can't even talk about yet. But, I will see about that, I am running the dance for @animecrossroads this February, just signed a special guest that everybody's gonna wanna see. This has been a very busy year, all around. Good thing it's almost over.

    CD: That sounds quite intriguing. Do we know this individual? Any hints?

    djtetsuo: You know him. Trust me. He used to be the biggest name in the fandom.

    CD: I can't wait to hear more! Thanks very much for your time, djtetsuo, it's been a pleasure talking with you. I'm really excited for the massive influx of all this wonderful content! I'm sure we'll be hearing from you soon, and I'll see you at Fiesta Equestria 2014.

    Hope all of you out there enjoyed this! I'll be continuing with more interviews from more community members as we proceed through the summer. 2014 is our community's biggest year yet. We've got so much more in store and an even bigger year to look forward to in 2015.

    Let's keep the hype train rollin', marshmallows.

    ~Cocoa Delight

    You can keep up to date with everything djtetsuo by following him through social media:
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