• Story Updates - July 18th

    I totally missed this one going up. I remember back in the day when I was into Lunashy. Good times.

    Get some story updates.

    Story: The Dusty Letters of Luna's Fluttershy (Update Part 5!)


    Author: Gweat and Powaful Twixie
    Description: “Some fall in love to complete themselves, like a puzzle. Maybe I’m the same way, but I don’t think I am. I think I fell in love because I was broken, and I needed someone to put me back together”—Fluttershy in her last letter to Applejack.
    Part of a series found on the Fimfiction page 
    The Dusty Letters of Luna's Fluttershy (New Part 5!)

    Story: Asylum (Update Part 23!)

    [Sad] This is a story that differentiates itself from all other "Pony is Insane" stories by rightfully deserving its "Sad" tag, but not needing a "Dark" one. One enters the story wondering when Twilight is going to realize it is all fake. Whatever the author's future intent may be, one finishes the chapters presented here simply hoping that she gets better... -Prereader #13

    Author: Derek (Daemon of Decay)
    Description: When Twilight Sparkle slipped beneath the covers last night, everything had been fine. She had friends whom she loved, a teacher she adored, and a bright future ahead of her. But when she woke up, her blankets and quilts had been replaced by hospital gowns and padded restraints. Everything is wrong and nothing makes sense; even her friends have changed. The doctors, they keep telling her that she is sick, that none of it was real and it was all in her head. They’re lying. She remembers a life far beyond the hospital walls. She couldn't have made it all up on her own. They must be lying… right?
    Asylum (New Part 23!)

    Story: Mother of Invention (Update Part 29!)


    Author: Zaponator
    Description: Awake and alone, Applejack will find a way to survive.
    Mother of Invention (New Part 29!)

    Story: Subjunctive (New Part 23!)


    Author: Integral Archer
    Description: The subjunctive is the verbal mood of abstractions and possibilities. To ponies and their indicative-based language, it is a frightful mood, awkward and unwieldy. To changelings and their language of nearly inaudible shrills, it is indispensable.

    Equestria’s inhabitants are a diverse race, no two the same color, who speak a language of concretes. But to Errenax, a changeling linguist well-versed in both languages and fascinated by their dimorphism, everything about them intimates a singular notion: that this division of moods and language is perhaps deeper than it appears.
    Subjunctive (New Part 23!