• Courage is Magic 1.17 - New Class, New Weapons, New Health System, and More!

    Ponies and tabletop! One of these days I'm going to find a new group that does this sort of thing and give all of these a shot.  Courage is Magic was posted a while back, and this update to it brings a whole bunch of new features.  Some of the major ones include:

    • New Class: Spirit of Music – These ponies bring their freshest tracks to the battle, setting a tempo for their friends to match and dropping the bass all of enemies’ faces.
    • Weapons! – An incredibly long awaited feature, weapons in CiM serve as powers that can be switched on the fly. Launch yourself into the air with a party cannon then arc toward an unsuspecting foe with a spear glinting in the wind! Over 21 new powers that every class can use!
    • Glancing Powers – Every class now has powers that activate when you use an attack, whether you miss or hit, Keep the ball rolling in combat and never waste a round again! Over 52 new powers applied to their appropriate classes.
    • New Health System – Based on player feedback, you now have a regenerating shield of Stamina with a Health bar beneath it that is easy to understand and rewarding to take chances with.
    • New Rules – With changes to basic functions, such as Second Wind, Critical Strike and more, the game is more balanced and simply more fun to play.
    • New Racial Powers – All the races have been gone through and introduced new or retooled powers that make sense and are more fun to use.
    • Complete class redesigns – Try out a brand new Generosity, or enjoy the new way Kindness, Adventure, and Alchemy handle among others. Every power in the game has been gone through, rebalanced and buffed. Many powers have been completely changed, and a few new ones have been introduced.
    • (So Much) Balancing – It would take five pages to list all the balances that went into this version. Suffice to say Loyalty is now actually hittable by enemies!

    Head on over here to grab it!