• Friendship is Magic Takes the Lead for Longest Running Hasbro Studios Series

    As one of our submitters, Geoff points out, it looks like the 5th season of MLP will bring in a pretty big milestone for the cartoons worked on by Hasbro Studios from all the way back in the 1980's. The first Transformers series hit 98 episodes before being taken off air, and second in line was GI-Joe with 95.  Friendship is Magic ended season 4 at 91, and once we hit the 5th some time this fall or next year, we will break that by another 26.

    Congratulations on the pony domination everyone.  Who knows what would have happened if this crazy fandom didn't pick up on the show years ago.  Nothing spreads it faster than flooding the internet!

    Now go change those forum/steam/social network avatars to ponies.