• Story Updates - April 8th

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    Story: The Dresden Fillies: Strange Friends (Update Story 2, Part 21!)


    Author: psychicscubadiver
    Description: Harry Dresden, Chicago's only professional wizard, is just looking for an escape from his latest set of enemies and happens to teleport into Equestria. Surely nothing could go wrong with that set-up.
    The Dresden Fillies: Strange Friends

    Story: Keeper of the Crystal Heart (Update Sequel!)


    Author: Cerulean Voice
    Description: Since its reappearance in recent times, the Crystal Empire has become known for its uniquely dazzling beauty, crystal ponies and powerful defense mechanism: the Crystal Heart. But how did such a glorious kingdom come to even exist? In the heart of a frozen, otherwise inhospitable wasteland, of all places?

    In the aftermath of the first Hearth's Warming Day, harmony between each pony tribe has been newly re-established. Yet upon the dawning of Hearts And Hooves Day, a teacher, student, cloud-controller and farmer will accidentally unearth a nefarious plot to destabilise harmony once more. What they discover along the way about their history, their futures and the implications of power will shake the foundations of Equestria.

    The price of such power is indeed steep...
    Keeper of the Crystal Heart

    Story: A Simple Reflection (Update Part 5!)


    Author: FanNotANerd
    Description: It has been theorized that there exist an infinite number of worlds, representing an infinite number of possibilities. Great minds have long wondered at the possibility of opening a window between two worlds, to look into what may have been.

    Princess Celestia is no exception. Her objective: open a window and observe a perfectly ordinary pony from another world. Except what results isn't a window. It's a doorway. And what comes through is almost too ordinary. Too mundane.
    A Simple Reflection (New Part 5!)