• Music of the Day #276

    I think Derpy has the best grin in this case.

    We have eight more songs tonight! Get them all below!

    [1] Source
    Entropy - [Lyde Remix] (Original by Awkward Marina)
    Remix - Electronic

    [2] Source
    Radiarc - Moonlight

    [3] Source
    Madness AppleJack

    [4] Source
    TheBeatleBronies - Sweet Apple Acres Forever (Strawberry Fields) - Ray Scratch Spanish Version

    [5] Source
    Haardtek | Fluttershy's Escape
    Instrumental - Progressive House

    [6] Source
    Night Breeze | Aye, Captain!
    Instrumental - Piratey Alt Rock

    [7] Source
    [Music] PinkiePieSwear Flutterwonder (Ponytronic Remix)

    [8] Source
    Find The Music In You ( TheDumplingz Remix )

    [9] Source
    SMOR3S ft. Aoshi - Kick Back (Aftermath Remix)