• Glenn Beck Joins the Support Grayson Pony Game

    Usually the super conservative news personalities out there don't support our crazy pony fandom.  When I think of Glenn Beck, I usually think of Alex Jones as the counterpoint, who in between spouting something about water filters and the fluoride apocalypse, completely ripped MLP to shreds.  This guy seems to know what's up though. Good stuff!

    This isn't a political blog though, so I'll let you guys devour each other in the comments about it instead! Head on down below the break for Glenn Beck's support of Grayson, the kid from a few days ago who's Rainbow Dash backpack sparked all sorts of controversy.

    You can also find his full article over here

    Thanks to all ~30 of you for sending it! It's a lot of fun to see how energetic you all are in the submit box sometimes.

    Update: Looks like the Grayson story has caused a trend on Facebook.