• Writer's Training Ground #008: "Filli Vanilli" - Entry Post

    I ask for Trixie and we get loads of TRIXIE.  Perfect.  I should do that more often.  Today though, it's Celestia Day, so have her as a header instead of TRIXIE.

    And below the break, stories! Go forth and read! Hopefully you all learn something when writing these too!

    Normal/Slice of Life

    [Normal] - 2150 words

    Author: Yukito

    A new band is sweeping Canterlot by storm (from their eyes), but one member is causing problems. Will this troublesome member understand, or is this the end of their friendship for good?

    Unicorn Supremacy

    Characters: Trixie Lulamoon, Lyra Heartstrings, Minuette, Vinyl Scratch

    [Normal] - 4000 words

    Author: A Hoof-ful of Dust

    Sweetie Belle, lead singer of Equestria's hottest new band Filly Explosion!, wants to break from the sugary-pop image sculpted by her manager.


    Characters: Sweetie Belle, OC ponies

    [Normal] - 2258 words

    Author: Goldymarg

    "Alright, wait just one pony-picking second here! This band's supposed to be progressive rock, not heavy metal! This is totally bogus, I thought we were all in this together?!" DJ P0N-3, or Vinyl Scratch as she's normally called, had long since made a name for herself as Ponyville's premiere DJ. For nearly three years running, she's long since enjoyed the fame and luxury that came with her job, as well as the music she created week after week. Techno, R&B, trance, dubstep, she's done many a genre in her career. But now that her fame has reached a new height, she thought it best to finally make her big break in the nation's capital itself, and put together the band she had always dreamed of having.

    Canterlot Metal City

    Characters: Vinyl Scratch, Gilda, Lightning Dust, Iron Will


    [Comedy] - 3700 words

    Author: Georg

    Princess Luna has returned! And she’s putting the band back together. Banished a thousand years ago for trying to cover the world in eternal darkness, Nightmare Moon has returned to shake the foundations of Equestria. No stodgy old stallion with a hearing aid is safe, no nubile young filly with a bedroom full of Caneighdian colt-band posters will be untouched as the greatest Punk Rock Band of All Times returns to Canterlot for the concert of the millenia. Give it up, fillies and gentlecolts, for the Goddess of the Electric Guitar, the Mare of Metal, our beloved Princess of Power, the one, the only… [center][b]PRINCESS LUNA![/b][/center]

    Now Appearing All This Week — Nightmare and the Apocalypse!

    Characters: Princess Luna, Princess Celestia, Twilight Sparkle

    [Comedy] - 3414 words

    Author: AlphaOmega

    When a Battle of the Bands competition catches Octavia's attention, she can't help but jump at the chance to finally make her way into the big world. But she can't do it alone. The one and only Vinyl Scratch and constantly misunderstood Lyra will throw their lot in with the Earth Pony cellist. But will it be enough to achieve their wishes? Click the link to find out!

    Give us Some LOV!

    Characters: Octavia, Vinyl Scratch, Lyra Heartstrings

    [Random] - 2628 words

    Author: Borg

    From the people who brought you "Princess's Descendant" and "Irresponsible Princesses II: Live Free or Princess Harder Another Day" comes the much-anticipated sequel that has the public indifferent and critics asking how I got their phone numbers! Marvel as the princesses try to become a rock band! Laugh as they blow everything completely out of proportion! And whatever you do, don't think too hard about what the level of technology is even supposed to be.

    Irresponsible Princesses III: The Search for Rock

    Characters: Celestia, Luna

    [Comedy][Random] - 4451 words

    Author: RenaissanceBrony

    This is a story about pirates, a capella, Pinkie Pie, alliteration, and why you never ever want to make Princess Celestia mad.

    The Pentatonic Pirates

    Characters: Princess Celestia, Pinkie Pie, OC

    [Random] - 2010 words

    Author: Arkanoid1

    When rock band Vinyl Tap's manager DJ Pon3 suspends lead singer Slushie Lush for his dangerous public disturbances and pranks, he bitterly attempts to go on an even bigger mischief spree but through circumstance quickly learns the error of his ways and changes his heart.

    This is Vinyl Tap

    Characters: Slushie Lush (OC), Vinyl Scratch/DJ Pon3, Storm Glider (OC)

    [Comedy] - 6999 words

    Author: Dusk-Spark

    Vinyl Scratch, and her recently formed band are invited to perform at their old university. However, something has been weighing heavily on Vinyl's mind, and she doesn't know if she wants to deal with it or just keep ignoring it. Now, it's up to Vinyl's bandmates to track her down and find out what's been bugging her; before they get charged as an accessory to whatever trouble Vinyl causes.

    Bonds of the Midnight Mares

    Characters: Vinyl Scratch, Neon Lights and two OCs, Trixie and Octavia

    [Comedy] - 2272 words

    Author: SacredSturgeon

    The Royal Sisters attend a rock concert - but will ruin follow?

    Of Royal Sisters and Rock Concerts

    Characters: Royal Sisters, OC Rock Band

    [Comedy][Adventure] - 5152 words

    Author: AlwaysDressesInStyle

    All Wysteria wanted to do was form a band. Now her drummer's overthrown the government after misinterpreting the band's goals. Can they restore things to normal before mass hysteria sets in?


    Characters: Wysteria, Minty, Prince Blueblood


    [Adventure] - 5500 words

    Author: Silent Strider

    It was a good day for Twilight; tea with Celestia as her lesson on princessly etiquette, an afternoon studying a new and exciting magic branch with Luna, and in the evening a music show. Until Twilight noticed a cluster of fireworks streaming towards her, that is. Now Twilight must partner with the prime suspect, the fireworks expert responsible for the concert's special effects, in order to find the real culprit.

    Tricky Concert

    Characters: Twilight Sparkle, Trixie


    [Dark] - 3521 words

    Author: Scarf Ace

    Orion knows that the Glorious Operatic Empire didn't always exist - but that knowledge is seeping away. And so he writes, as the music plays, racing against time, against forgetting, beneath the banners and the posters of the High Conductor, Charivari. (Dedicated to the People of North Korea)

    op. 19, Eighth Movement: Quartet

    Characters: Orion (background pony), Charivari (OC), Lyra Heartstrings

    [Dark] - 2958 words

    Author: terrycloth

    The new band Deathclop is making a splash in Canterlot -- a splash of blood, from the ponies they eat at every show! So why is Fluttershy their new lead singer?


    Characters: Mane 6, Chrysalis

    [Dark] - 5012 words

    Author: Palm Palette

    A gray alien learns about friendship. (That's the probing, skin-peeling kind.)

    Alien Hypno-Rock

    Characters: OC, Vinyl Scratch, Octavia