• BUCK 2014 Guests Announcement

    BUCK is pleased to announce their first wave of guests to their event taking place later this year. First up is the talented G.M. Berrow who is responsible for the MLP:FiM chapter books on the market who is joined by community guests Twigileia and Yami Björk!

    For the full scoop, check after the break for their press release.

    BUCK is on the move with its first wave of guests.

    Now in its third year, the convention’s moving into the expanses of the Manchester Central Convention Centre on August 23rd and 24th 2014. Last year’s attendees will remember it as the venue of the 2013 Summer Sun Celebration; with all the awesome things we have planned for this year, we’re going to need all that space!

    Today we’re delighted to announce our first wave of guests! Joining us is G. M. Berrow, author of the My Little Pony chapter books, to talk about her writing and answer questions about her companion books to the series.

    We’re also delighted to be joined by Twigileia, a fantastically talented community artist, here to demonstrate how she makes her beautiiful digital artwork, and Yami Björk: creator of stunning cosplay outfits, returning for the Cosplay Panel.

    Check out our Guest List HERE for more details!

    Convention tickets start from £65 for an Early Bird ticket, and £80 for standard tickets - keep an eye out for the pre-release announcement coming soon!

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