• Random Merch: Bed Sets, Speakers, Puzzles, Fake Nails, and More!

    Time for some more of that totally off the wall random merch! We start this one off with some bedding supplies found at Walmart by Victorsaurus.  If you didn't already ponify your room enough already, it's time to take that extra step! At least this one isn't completely pink.

    Get some random merch below! 

    Slap Bracelet Lip Gloss Set

    The oddest combo ever. Found at Walmart by Tom for 5 Bucks.

    Crystal Empire Puzzle

    48 pieces? Back in my day, we did puzzles with 1000 at that age!

    Found at Walgreens by Sharon.

    Pinkie Pie Speaker

    Found at Toys R' Us by Claire. Apparently the speaker sound is Really good!

    Fluttershy Press on Nails

    Found by MyBoyJ at K-Mart.

    Fashems Blind Box

    We've posted these before, but not the blind version.  Found at Gamers World in Illinouse by Wrathlet.

    Rarity Boxes Hitting Stores

    Already announced a while back, these are now available in stores for those collecting all the card merch.  Thanks to Remington for the image.

    Rainbow Rocks Fluttershy

    So colorful~  Found at a Target by Krystal Fox.  Hold yourselves back furries, this submitter is taken. 

    Rainbow Power princess Twilight

    Found at a Target in Indiana by Jamie.

    Rainbow Power Pinkie Helicoptor

    Run for the hills! Pinkie with a coptor!

    Found at a Toys R' Us in New York by Ashley.