• Episode 11 - "Three's a Crowd" Synopsis Changed Completely - New Episode

    An updated version of this press release has been released by Discovery with a completely new synopsis listed for "Three's a Crowd".  While the old one still appears to exist in the archives, the new one does not list Weird Al. at all, in fact it seems to be an entirely different episode.  While the polka playing super star is still coming in at some point in the season (confirmed at multiple locations, including Al Yankovic himself retweeting our news announcement), it looks like the actual January 25th episode may not be his. 

    Either someone derped initially, or someone who updated it derped now.  I guess only time will tell!

    Head on down below the break for the "New" Synopsis for "Three's a Crowd!"

    Thanks to Nostalgia Schmaltz for the heads up.

    January 25 – “Three’s a Crowd”: Twilight is looking forward to some quality bonding time with Princess Cadance. But when a sick friend shows up needing Twilight’s attention, it looks like her plans for a peaceful visit with her sister-in-law will have to be put on hold.

    Source: UPDATED January Highlights