• Very Odd Plushie Set in Malaysia

    Two people going by the name of Muffyderp and Applejack ran into these in Malaysia at a booth-like store called 1Utama.  As they pointed out, they are probably created locally noting the tag Maggie T.  They defenitly look like some kind of bootleg.  Half of them have these ant-eater snouts, the others have shorter ones.  A detailed list of features on each plushie can be found below the break!

    Seriously though, those snouts.  

    + Hair tied with (slightly pinkish) ribbons
    + Has freckles
    - Has no mouth stitched to it
    - Stetson sold separately
    ? Shorter snout

    + The biggest of them all
    + Dons a passive aggressive expression
    - Also has no mouth stitched to it
    - Wings are somehow stitched together close to the bottom (near the spine)
    making them look ridiculous like a bunch of bananas
    ? Shorter snout

    Rainbow Dash:
    + The smallest of them all
    + Rainbow mane
    + Wings don't have problems as with Fluttershy
    - Also has no mouth stitched to it
    - Lightning on cutie mark not in rainbow colors
    - Least show accurate eye
    ? Slightly sharper snout

    Pinkie Pie
    + Has mouth stitched to it
    - Does't come with a party cannon
    ? Spaghetti mane

    Twilight Sparkle:
    + Has mouth stitched to it
    - Cutie mark not too accurate
    - Eye position lower than usual
    ? Not an alicorn princess
    ? Spaghetti mane