• Album Compilation - December 26th

    UNLEASH THE ALBUMS.  December seems to have cause an all out tsunami of these things.  We have a whopping fourteen of them this time around.  I'm going to let them sell it to you via cover art, so head on down below the break to check out what is available this month in mass music!

    Album: Polka Plot
    Artist: FLAO FEI
    Genre: Polkacore

    Description:With FUN as the main priority, here comes POLKA PLOT. FLAOFEI has taken the brutality and force of hard electronic music infused with the silliness and energy of polka, resulting in an extreme mixture of headbanings and lulz. 6 months of hard, but fun work have culminated in this, and now it's finally out! Almost an hour of YTP grade humour lies ahead for anyone who dares venture ahead.


    Album: Christmas with SkyBolt
    Artist: Sky Bolt
    Genre: Christmas / Seasonal

    Description: None

    Album: Derpy and Carrot Top's Epic Vol 1.
    Artist: Carbon Maestro
    Genre: Epic Orchestral/Soundtrack

    Description: Derpy and Carrot Top's Epic Vol. 1 consists of 9 original songs with 5 remastered songs. Enjoy the 30 minutes of epic music that you'll find in this album.


    Album: Streets of Manehattan II
    Artist: Colortwelve
    Genre: Hip-hop

    Description: None


    Album: Electro Brony Media - Compilation Album 003
    Artist: Various
    Genre: EDM

    Description: None


    Album: The Lesser Knowns Vol​.​5 - New Beginnings
    Artist: The Lesser Knowns
    Genre: Various

    Description: This is the fifth installment of the series. The reason why things are a little different is because this time, the album was ran by electronic brony musician Viricide Filly.
    She couldn't make the album herself because of circumstances.
    Thank you to everypony who participated, I know this is a bit of a short volume but quality over quantity!

    Album: Delicious Balls of Dough
    Artist: TheDumplingz
    Genre: Electronic, Orchestral, Rap

    Description: Delicious balls of dough is a collection of all the recent songs created by Brony musician Pipsqueak/TheDumplingz with collaborations with Blaze, One Wing, Mush and Tellab.

    Album: The Journey
    Artist: Silverwing Music
    Genre: Ambient Electronic Piano

    Description: "The Journey" takes you through an instrumental story: from a beautiful sunrise to a journey of uncertainty; from uncertainty to love and victory, "The Journey" is the ultimate instrumental adventure. All music was composed and recorded by Silverwing Music (Matthew Hopper). ALL money used to purchase the album ($10 or more) directly benefits World Vision, a global charity. The funds will be used to assist families in desperate need, including the countries of Peru, Malawi, and Bangladesh. Your support means the world to me, and to them! -Silverwing Music


    Album: All For One (The Aesu Album)
    Artist: Various
    Genre: None

    Description: All For One" is an album where artists have collaborated to help the young artist, Aesu.
    Influenced by funk and disco from the 70's, he produces very promising French House, Hip Hop and Electronic music with equipment that most producers would call very bad.

    The album is free to download, but donations are greatly appreciated since all donations go towards getting Aesu better equipment!

    Thank You for your help! :3