• Season 3 DVD Details Revealed

    Earlier today, a pre-order page for the 3rd season of Friendship is Magic on DVD was tossed up on Amazon.  We now have a bit more information on it from a press release sent out by Shout Factory. Have some of that, bullet style:

    Episodes per disc:

    Disc 1                                                                               Disc 2
    The Crystal Empire, Part 1                                           Just For Sidekicks
    The Crystal Empire, Part 2                                           Apple Family Reunion
    Too Many Pinkie Pies                                                    Spike At Your Service
    One Bad Apple                                                               Keep Calm And Flutter On
    Magic Duel                                                                      Games Ponies Play
    Sleepless In Ponyville                                                    Magical Mystery Cure
    Wonderbolts Academy

    Bonus Features:
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