• Music of the Day #213

    Fluttershy in socks.  You can't not header things with this combo.

    Get some music of the day below, 12 in all. 

    [1] Source
    Sound Barrier (Feel it all VIP) ft. Feather [FRAME]

    [2] Source
    Land Of The Goddesses-Original Orchestral song
    Instrumental - Orchestral

    [3] Source
    Snowfall in Equestria (Drum & Bass)
    Instrumental - Drums and Bass

    [4] Source
    Derpy Suite: A Storm Ahead - Flutterlover

    [5] Source
    Steven, A.D. - Somewhere (feat. TalkAcanthi)

    [6] Source
    Jasper Synth - Kind Heart

    [7] Source
    My Little Pony Fan Music - Barleycorn's Journal: Born of Manehattan
    Instrumental - Jazz

    [8] Source
    When You Were Here (Cover)

    [9] Source
    LavaLectrode - I can't see myself (without you)

    [10] Source
    My Little Pony - Dropped C - General Mumble - Devil in Me [Rock]

    [11] Source
    Knights of the Crystal Empire: Story of the Lightbringer

    [12] Source
    MLP:EQG - A Friend for Life (lyninx remix)