• Meghan McCarthy Announced for BABSCon

    Do we still call her head writer? I kinda miss that title.  Meghan why are you always change things! Next we will see Trixie permanently transformed into a cat and Twilight Sparkle grow stripes!

    Anyway, the Co-Executive producer of pony has been signed for BABScon.  Get the full press release below. 

    The Bay Area Brony Spectacular (BABSCon) is nervouscited to announce the woman who gave us the word, “nervouscited,” Meghan McCarthy!

    Meghan’s contributions to My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic literally can’t be overstated: Head Writer & Story Editor, scribe of some of the best and most epic episodes of the series to date, and inducer of madness (MADNESS!) in our favorite ponies.

    Outside of MLP:FiM, she was previously a writer on Foster’s Home for Imaginary Friends alongside Lauren Faust, and the Head Writer on Class of 3000.

    Aside from her writing credentials, Meghan holds the current title of frustrating Twitter “Twoll” through her notorious Season 4 teases, surpassing even the likes of Taralicious!
    The Bay Area Brony Spectacular (BABSCon) is the first convention devoted to My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic in the San Francisco Bay Area, and will be held on April 18-20, 2014 at the SFO Hyatt Regency in Burlingame, CA. Contact [email protected] for more information!