• 51/66 Days of Pony - Canterlot Wedding Part 1

    The finale of season 2 had arrived, and another giant haitus on episodes was ahead of us.  While we couldn't wait for another epic two-parter to follow the Discord arc that we began the last few months with, we were sad to see it coming to a close.

    Perceived canon was shattered with the introduction of a new alicorn, a petty pink princess one at that.  While there was a good bit of complaining, the blow was softened greatly by yet another new character.  Queen Chrysalis, in just five minutes of airtime, completely stole the show.  I've never seen so much fanart all flood in at once.

    This is part one though, and I'm sure all of you had some kind of initial reaction to why the pretty alicorn princess was being such a douchetyphoon before the big reveal. Hit the comments up with what you thought Cadence was going to be! I was personally crossing my fingers for some Great and Powerfulness, don't tell anyone though.