• Random Merch: Snow Stuff, Piggie Bank, and More!

    Random Merch! It's a shorter one, but these have been sitting around for a while now.  We start with a hat/mitt combo from a Big Lots in Sherman Way, and a bunch of other stuff below!

    Pinkie Piggie Bank

    A little odd on the proportions, but she should protect that change of yours. Found at a Walmart in Maine. Thanks to William for the heads up.

    Drawstring Bag

    Found at Toys R' Us! Thanks to Maggie for the heads up.

    Twilight Ballooon Variant

    Found on Kohls Main Website. The difference here is the Rarity and Daisy Dreams with a few coloration changes. Thanks to Gregory for the image.

    Pinkie Pie Botique Equestria Girls Toy Found

    For all you EQG collectors, this one was found at a Target in Austin Texas by Andrew.