• Nightmare Nights Dallas announces... many things!

    Nightmare Nights sent out a press release that announced... well, lots of things! This con is definitely worth a look. Lots of us at EQD will be there, including Seth, Cereal, and myself, and we've even got our own panel! Hope to see you there! And as always, release is below the break.

    Announcing Nightmare Nights’  Musical Guests!
    Friday, Nightmare Nights is proud to showcase some great live musical acts: Emily Jones and a super-secret guest! To find out who this well-known singer-songwriter is, you’ll just have to show up.
    And on Saturday, we’re featuring some of the best EDM DJs in the brony music business: DJ Nocte, DJ Wolfe, Mushrooshi, and DJ One Trick!

    Nightmare Nights Panel/Events Schedule Now Available!
    To see what we’ve got lined up, just head to https://nightmarenights.net/index.php/events/schedule/.

    Cosplay Registration Goes Live!
    Cosplay is a major feature of Nightmare Nights, culminating in our Cosplay Contest Saturday night. To read the rules, please take a look at https://nightmarenights.net/index.php/policies-2/cosplay-rules-and-regulations/. To sign up, just follow the link above to our registration form.

    Preregistration Discount Ends October 17th!
    Not only can you save yourself money by purchasing your badge before the 18th, but you can save yourself a lot of time picking it up. Since we’ll be printing all pre-registered badges prior to the convention, all you’ll need to do is flash your ID and pick up your badge. Seeing the panels and events is a lot cooler than standing in the on-site registration line, waiting for the privilege of spending more money on a last-minute admission.

    Announcing a Celestial Sponsor Auction!
    As advertised, we sold eight Celestial Sponsor badges, one for each of our eight Guests of Honor. These badges included line-skip privileges, reserved seating for each panel, a convention t-shirt, original art from PixelKitties and Sophie Cabra, and dinner with our Guests at Fogo de Chao, a churrascaria (English translation: “Death By Steak”). However, thanks to the awesomeness that is G.M. Berrow, we now have a ninth Guest of Honor, thus spoiling our 1:1 ratio of Guests of Honor to Celestial Sponsors.
    That will not do.
    Thus, we’re adding one last Celestial Sponsor badge. Rather than making a race of it--who can hit refresh and fill out the form the fastest?—we’re putting it up for auction. To bid on this last-second opportunity, click here: http://www.ebay.com/itm/Nightmare-Nights-Dallas-Celestial-Sponsor-Badge-9-/121191808548?ssPageName=ADME:L:LCA:US:1123
    If you have already purchased a badge, don’t worry; we’ll deduct the price of your current badge from your winning bid, and upgrade you to Celestial Sponsor!