• Crystal Fair Announces New Community Guests & Art Competition Winners

    The Crystal Fair has a small community announcement for all you European ponies out there! They'd love to announce the attendance of the talented Huussii and Rautakoura at the event as well as the winners of the art competition they held recently.

    Check on after the break for the full scoop!

    Crystal Fair announces two new community guests who will be taking part in the convention in 2014: Huussii and Rautakoura! These two highly talented artists are known for their pony-related art, which continues to amaze bronies all over the world. They are also working as judges for our Ponify Finland art competition on deviantArt and will be the ones choosing the winners! For more info about these artists, check out our most recent blog post!

                The first part of our Ponify Finland art competition ended last week. Three winners have been chosen. Thanks to everybody who decided to participate! Our congratulations go to:

    slawomiro will receive a Crystal Fair T-shirt, and all three works will be a part of our charity auction at the convention!

    However, the competition is not over yet! The second part began last week. This time the works will concentrate on traditional art, so if you fancy creating traditional pony art for a good cause, don’t hesitate to click here for more information! Besides fame and glory, there is a second t-shirt up for grabs.

    In addition to the art competition, there is a lot more to be excited about. Look below for even more Crystal Fair pre-convention awesomeness!

    Guest of Honor: Thy Princess of the Night - Tabitha St. Germain - The Finns are Ninjas
    Community Guests: The Chosen Ones - Providing an infinite supply of brohoofs

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